• Enter the Park with official entry passes & retain until return.
  • Park your vehicles at the authorised parking lots.
  • Maintain peace & silence within the Park.
  • Use dustbins to keep the park clean.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, Sections 2,28,29,30,31,32(6),(7),50 & 51.
  • Move only in areas meant for visitors.
  • Entry to the Park is prohibited before 9.00 a.m and after sunset.
  • Pets,Radios,Tape-Recorders are prohibited inside the Park.
  • Carrying of guns,fire arms,inflammable material & lighting fires in the Park are prohibited.
  • Speeding vehicles and loud noises are taboo within the Park.
  • Never feed any food to the animals.They may fall sick because of it & may even die!
  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited in the Park.
  • Littering inside the Park is prohibited.
  • Teasing of animals is prohibited.
  • Use of plastic is prohibited.
  • Do not interface with the staff on duty.

Publicity sponsorship by way of animal upkeep / maintenance of lawns /creation of public utility infrastructure or animal housing is earnestly solicited from philanthropic individuals and institutions and shall be highly appreciated.

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