Zoo Education


Bannerghatta Biological Park is conducting internship programme for the veterinary students every year. Students from Bangalore, Pondicherry and Bidar Veterinary College were undergone internship programme for one week period in the zoo under the guidance of experienced zoo veterinarians, The main issues covered are management concept, treatment including tranquilization, behavioral studies and feeding aspects

Wildlife Awareness Programme:

Bannerghatta Biological Park is conducting "Wildlife Awareness & Education Programs" for school students to promote environmental awareness among the school students.

IFS Probations and RFO trainees:

The probationers of Indian Forest Service and Range Forest Officer probationers will visit the zoo as part of the training schedule. They will be taken inside the zoo, safari, butterfly park for rounds, accompanied by zoo education officer and information will be provided to them about each animal enclosure, besides appraising the importance of zoo activities.

Project preparation

The students / scientists / NGO's are being assisted to prepare project reports about animal and zoo activities.

Signage Boards

Bannerghatta Biological Park of late has given importance for various signage to create awareness and to provide information to the public. Display of signage and label to avoid confusion among the visitors. Erections of interpretative signage in front of animal enclosure and route map along with the visitors route. Signage provides information, warning message, direction, slogans and other administrative matters of the zoo.


Museum displays various animal trophies, skeletons, photographs, fossils etc having high educational value to create awareness among the visitors.


The media representatives playing important role in creating awareness to the public about the zoo activities, developments taking place and also education programmes throughout the year.