• BBP is happy to announce the functioning of a sophisticated Airconditioned 3D auditorium within the zoo premises. The films on conservation, nature education and wildlife management are screened on day to day basis for the benefit of interested visitors.
  • BBP requires an ENTOMOLOGIST and BONSAI experts
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  • BBP now joined the team of WAZA
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  • BBP has revised the entry fees for its units w.e.f. 01-03-2014. Public are requested to note the revised entry fees structure and cooperate with BBP Management for continued patronage
  • BBP is happy to announce the addition of new species Blue Gold Macaws,Palm Cockatoo,Electus Parrot,Sulphur Crested Cockatoo,Scarlet Macaw, Galah Parrot, Rainbow Lorikeet and Red Lorikeet, Blue Crowned Pegion into its inventory and kept for the public display.
  • BBP is seeking public opinion for the proposed construction of Zoo Square. Vote for the best design
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