Wilderness Tourism

1. Suvarnamukhi Watchtower

This watchtower is located on the north-western side of Suvarnamukhi Forest Guest House. The watchtower is erected on a hillock where the velocity of wind is always high and it is approximated that if the wind turbines are setup on this hillock could generate electricity sufficient to meet the requirement of Bannerghatta Biological Park. From Suvarnamukhi watchtower we can have a panoramic view of Herbivore safari, zoo extension area, BMTC bus stand and Butterfly Park apart from thick vegetation all around and hillocks.

2. Udige Bande

This is place where in olden days people use to keep the body of dead persons for feeding of free range animals, as they believed that once the dead body is eaten by birds and animals, the soul of person would be free from bondages and will attain “Nirvana”

From Udige bande watch tower, we can have panoramic view of Bannerghatta National Park and also adjoining contiguous forests. Chikkaragihalli Betta is a hillock portion on the north-eastern part of Udige bande., and in between these two there is a deep valley portion and a check dam constructed to meet water requirement of free ranging animals like elephants, gaurs, sambars, spotted deers etc.,

3. Barbar stone

It is a monolithic stone resembling the shape of a stone used for sharpening the blade by barbers during the ancient days. This stone stands on a hillock from where beautiful scenery of Bannerghatta National Park can be enjoyed. This place is an elephant corridor where herds of elephant can be seen.