Vision of the Biological Park

The vision of the Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park is to create an opportunity to the citizens - specially to children of Bangalore Metropolitan City to have a Biological Recreation Center very close to the city in the midst of the forests in the valley of the famous Champakadhama hills inside the Bannerghatta National Park. To accomplish this vision, a mini zoo was created in 1972' which gradually grown into the present Biological Park by 2002. With the creation of Bannerghatta Biological Park, the vision was enlarged to meet the ever growing demands of the Bangaloreans/ tourists from outside for recreation/ education of younger generations; and also to create awareness on the importance of conservation of flora and fauna - the biodiversity of the nature for the benefit of the future generation in addition to the conservation of the gene pool of the endangered species of wild animals of the region/country

Mission of the Biological Park

To inculcate the awareness of nature conservation, provide natural habitat to all the animals suitable for their conservation and propagation through educational program and to connect visitor and wild animals through exemplary welfare, care and best educational practice to foster public support in ex-situ conservation

The field activities of the biological park are many fold as it is classified as one of the major zoo in the state/country with a lot of scope for scientific development. The activities prevailing in the Biological Park are Maintenance of zoo - which exhibits varieties of birds, reptiles and mammals within the well maintained enclosures. Running and maintenance of safaris - drive of the tourists through the animals' enclosures in the vehicles i.e. tigers, lions, bears and herbivores safaris and also for breeding of endangered species of animals /ungulates; Rescue Centers to provide life time facilities to the rescued animals like tigers, lions and bears from circuses, madharies etc., Butterfly park; Nature camp for the people those wish to stay and study the flora and fauna in forests; tourism and facilities to visitors; feeding and health care to captive animals; with inbuilt administrative set up to manage all the affairs of the Bannerghatta Biological Park


  • To compliment and strengthen the national efforts in ex-situ conservation and strength the conservation of the rich Bio-Diversity of the country, particularly the fauna.
  • Supporting the conservation of endangered species by giving species, which have no chance of survival in wild, a last chance of survival through coordinated breeding under ex-situ condition and raise stocks for rehabilitating them in wild as and when it is appropriate and desirable
  • To inspire amongst zoo visitors empathy for wild animals, an understanding and awareness about the need for conservation of natural resources and for maintaining the ecological balance.
  • Providing opportunities for scientific studies, Research and documentation on conservation and creation of database for sharing between authorities involved in In-Situ and Ex-Situ conservation.
  • Bring awareness to the public on conservation and propagation of wildlife by conducting regular awareness and education campaigns and programs
  • Providing dedicated facilities for the rescued and orphaned wild animals by providing appropriate housing, clinical and management facilities in off-the display area
  • To serve as gene pool and germplasm reserve for future biological research on wild animals and to extend facilities for studies on behaviour and breeding of different animals.
  • To provide recreational opportunity to the visiting tourists.
  • To sustain the founder population and also to augment the depleting populations of endangered species in the wild

Zoo Map

Bannerghatta Map